Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Receiving Galore

It seems that one oft he staple items at a baby shower are cute receiving blankets. I've always been one to wonder what they really are for? It's not like to take them to the hospital to 'receive' the baby with them, and quite honestly when you get home and try to swaddle your precious pumpkin you learn that they are a little lacking. So I came up with some other uses for our plethora of receiving blankets. I'm sure they are not original, but if you, like me, ever wonder what to do with this odd sized thing then here you go.
1) Use as a changing table liner.
.This helps deal with extra "mess" that you may not have been expecting, and keeps the
changing pad clean.
2) Burp rags.
.If you have a little spitter-upper like ours have been, those little things labeled "burp clothes" in the store will do NOTHING for the geisers. So use the blankets instead! You can cut them in two or just use the whole thing folded over. Hey, more coverage means you get to wear YOUR clothes for longer too!
3) Disposable mess catchers.
. Yes, gruesome things do sometimes happen with little ones. For example, our toddler tossed his cookies when we were in the middle of a flight. We mopped up most of the mess with a receiving blanket and then put it all in a zip up baggie. Well, once at our destination, I had NO desire to reopen that bag, so just tossed the whole mess and didn't feel bad about loosing a "good" blanket.