Monday, May 4, 2009


Ever found yourself staying somewhere without a tub and a very dirty baby on your hands who was in desperate need of a bath?? Well with a little planning you can take your tub with you! When we travel it feels like we have to pack up our entire house just to make it work, but we have honed it down to pretty much a science since we've done so much of it with our little munchkins. One thing I do NOT want to have to bring is a baby bath. So instead get creative and use a rubbermade tub to keep your vehicle organized, and then in the evening it can be a bath! Empty it of it's contents, set it in the shower, fill with warm water, add some bubbles, and "ta-da." It's that simple. My toddler is to big to comfortably fit in the sink, but he'd still fit in a tub like this just fine! If simple showers aren't going to work for you, give this a try!