Sunday, August 31, 2008

If you give a baby a book....

.... chances are he will grow up to LOVE reading!

At least that's what worked for us chillin'. My mom and dad read to us so much as little kids that I don't remember the transition from them reading to us to me reading on my own. It just seems that I've always read. :-) That is a very valuable thing that I hope to pass on to my own kids. As we have no "t.v." at home, reading will be a good pass time for active little minds. I always remember being disappointed with movies that have been made on books that I read because it was NEVER how I imagined it in my head. I have a pretty GRAND imagination that can't always be captured on film- ha ha! So anyway, I'd read these "If you" books before our son was born. I just loved their simplicity and the awesome illustrations! I really really wanted to get these books for my boy. However once I actually went to B&N to look em up I discovered that each story (and there are several) was perfectly contained in between 2 hard covers with appropriate pictures on the front and a very neatly done title, for the mere price of $10! To me a book with 30 pages averaging about 5 or 6 words on a page doesn't deserve that big of a price tag! So I hied me to the computer to look them up online and sure enough they were basically the same price everywhere. However I did discover that there was another hardcover book that had 4 of the stories all together plus fun extra stuff like a sing along cd and some recipes and fun activities for only $25. Yep, I can do math (sort of) and I quickly figured out it was a steal! So we purchased the book for our budding genius, and this evening he sat quietly in our arms while we read to him about the pig who likes pancakes with her maple syrup, and a sentimental moose who's crazy about sweaters and muffins. :-) It was fun! I think that I'll always love story time just as much as the kydos do!! Some things you should NEVER grow out of!

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