Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boppy love? Not so much

When I was trying to come up with items for our baby registry with my first child one thing that came up over and over was this wonderful pillow called the Boppy! People raved about it to me, and so I registered and was given one of these pillows that is supposed to help support baby while nursing or even bottle feeding, or whatever. One of my friends said that maybe it would help me have that "extra" set of hands mommies are always wishing for. Now they even have Boppys that come in small, medium and large sizes so that everyone can find that perfect fit. I however haven't fit perfectly for some reason. With my first child I only nursed for 3 months due to complications, and thought that my fight with the Boppy was just part of the issues I was dealing with. Now I'm on the second round of nursing life, and realized that it's not ME it's the pillow! Actually it probably is me because of how many people have told me it's wonderful, but for me it just seems like more of a wrestling match to get the pillow and baby all where they need to be. So that's my basic "review" of the Boppy. Now the tip, just use a regular decorative pillow. It's true you'll need some support for feeding that little one, but it doesn't HAVE to be a baby related item. If it doesn't work for you, find something that does. My Boppy has become the baby's support when he's napping in the pack n' play, but for feeding, I just used the pillows we have on the couch.

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