Monday, March 17, 2008

File Your Chores

This great chore system comes to us from Joan, the mother of 2 grown kids, and Grandma to 2 beautiful little girls!

House keeping tips. Read the book "Side Tracked Home Executives"
I'm pretty sure it is from that book that I got the "file" system. What you do is get a file box and get months of the year dividers, and 1-31 dividers. You put a certain number of house cleaning tasks (however many per card) in the 'day' you'll do it. For instance, today is the 18th so for today you may put laundry, ironing, clean the bathroom. When those are done, your day's 'cleaning ' is done! For the 19th you may put vacuum and dust. When that is done your cleaning for that day is done. You can color code your cards too for 'daily' tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks (like wiping down the window blinds) and even seasonal tasks like spring cleaning things such as shampooing carpets, washing windows and such. Anyway, you also can make a card for grocery shopping, repetitive appts like hair appts., etc. It really is an effective system and when your day's chores are done you don't feel like you're doddling or not getting anything done. You spread the household chores over 5 days and then start all over again. So if you pull Monday's out and do it then file it for the next Monday and you 'll repeat the same on that day etc etc etc. You can also make cards for your devotions, perhaps reading a book a chapter a day, etc. Be creative and it WORKS! I used it for several years.


Jason and Kilika said...

I HATE cleaning! This is a great tip :)

Rachel said...

I'm going to start using this system, I think. Not that I've had too much trouble, but I'd like to be even more organized and know EXACTLY what I need to do on each day.