Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ziploc to the rescue

Here are some fantastic tips using ziploc bags brought to us by Miriam, mommy to a fun loving baby boy!

Travel tips: Use ziploc bags - they fit in your diaper bag easy, keep things compressed, easy to pull out, easy to find what you are looking for.

Gallon size
- have an whole change of clothes, diaper, wipe, onesie, and outfit (when your little one has a blow out, you have an easy change without dragging a huge diaper bag, or digging through it for all the right components, and you know you have one complete change of clothes. Plus you can put the messy clothes right back in the bag!

Quart size or sandwich size
- fits two of the Gerber food packs - though "resealable", they leak, and if you do not use all of your fruits or vegetables, they are easy to transport without leaking all over your diaper bag.
- fold several dry paper towels up and place in the bag. They are ready to use without scrambling around when you need them.
- have a wet wash cloth in ziploc (with just a little extra water) - will stay nice and wet and ready to use on a messy face when traveling.

Snack Size
- put your dry cereal mix in these size bags in ready to make portions. Even when traveling for several days, it is less bulky than packing the box.
- infant spoons fit nicely in these bags - easy to find rather than scrambling through the bag, knowing there is one in there somewhere.

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Jason and Kilika said...

Just had to say that this actually saved everybody in the car from succumbing to a nasty diaper on a recent shopping trip. After reading this, I put an outfit and clean diaper in a large ziplock bag as suggested and then forgot about it. Then recently, when I frantically searched in the diaper bag for a clean outfit and diaper, I found the prepacked ziplock. Perfect! I really loved how I had somewhere to put the dirty clothes and smelly diaper until we got home. Thanks for saving the day ;)