Monday, September 15, 2008

Picky, or bored?

Try this scenario: Toddler is hungry, mommy fixes his version of "gourmet" meal, once in his seat being offered the delectable dish on a spoon, he balks. Hmmmm... Picky eater? Possibly, but maybe he's just board with the routine. Our toddler is NOT picky. I know this because I've seen him eat just about anything. I've also seen him shake his head and turn up his nose at the very things he was finding so yummy a short time before. My solution, try something different. NOT a different food, you really don't want to encourage picky eating. Use a different utensil. Sometimes if I offer him food on a "big people" fork rather than his baby spoons he'll gobble it down. Try a different location. Even if our little one is completely full, he'll gravitate toward anyone with food in a non dinning room location. Even if I'm just sitting in the rocker eating my oatmeal after he's had his, he will come and ask for some. Let them do it! Once they reach that stage where they can feed themselves, even though it's often more messy, let them feed themselves. They LOVE the sense of independence and will usually eat more that way. Some kiddos truly are picky, and for those you might have to use other tactics, but if the small one is just bored, some of these tips will probably help.

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