Monday, September 29, 2008

Savvy Snack Cup

My goal this summer as we traveled thousands of miles was to keep the vehicle as undisgusting as possible. When you have a toddler who is interested in finger foods and who will need more "refueling" than the big people in the caravan, it means you have to have snacks on the road. I get grossed out by all the left over ickys that make their way into the crevices of the car seat, floor mats and just about everywhere when eating in the vehicle is involved. So I "discovered" these great snack traps! I found them at Babies R Us. It's a plastic cup with a rubber lid that has slits (kind of like a drink cup top where the straw goes). You put the snack in, the child reaches through the slits and pulls out one-ish item and the rest are "trapped" in the cup. Even if it's turned upside down and shaken, the contents won't come out! This is a life, and upholstery, saver! They work fabulously! We've used them for Cheerios, goldfish, honeymaid bees, all the gerber finger food stuff, craisins just about any small, dry finger food can be used in these cups. I bought them for travel, but now that we're home, our boy usually gets his afternoon snack in them as well. He's toddling now around the house, and keeps that cup clinched firmly in one fist while the other digs out the yummies. It keeps the house clean and him occupied while he snacks.

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