Friday, November 7, 2008

More fruits and veggies

Five whole servings of fruits and veggies a day! Whew! To me it seems like a monumental task even though I know when you break it down it's really easy to get those servings in. Here's a problem I've come up with in my household. I LOVE to eat fresh/raw fruit and vegetables, BUT I hate to take the time out during the day to scrub them. Also once they have been scrubbed and need to be stored, I dislike the way they sog so fast during the next day or two. I end up throwing away produce because it didn't get used up fast enough. So I found a couple of products that help me to wash and use the produce more effectively. One is Fit fruit and veg wash. I've used this stuff, and it is amazing how much ick comes off of the "clean" fruit and veggies you get from the supermarket! Gross!! I don't even want to know how much of that stuff I've been eating all this time. The other great product is the Rubbermaid produce saver! This is ingenious! Wonder why they never thought of it before! I have put folded up paper towels in the bottom of storage containers to try to keep the moisture level down, but it doesn't work as well as air! These containers have an insert and are vented to keep produce fresher, longer! It works! So here's what I do. I wash the whole batch of berries, head of lettuce, or whatever in the Fit, then I store it in the produce saver, and it's ready to eat whenever I get a case of the munchies! Works wonders!

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