Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jack and the ebeanstalk

I came across this cool site today called and you who have children should really check it out. It's got a lot of age appropriate developmental toys on it and they come in series which is pretty cool. Some of it seems a little pricey, but if you have some doting grandparents who are always looking to get the munchkins "something" and if you're like me and you'd rather the toys be "purposeful" then you might want to direct them to this site. That way you can get something that's the right age for your kids and something that will be somewhat "educational." Personally after having been in child care for awhile now I like toys that have a purpose. It's not that I think play time should be "school time" but I think that toys that help them with muscle coordination and hand/eye coordination and manipulatives and things that will help them develop their imaginations are good, and they make playtime more fun and interesting anyway.

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