Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Save the Memories

When you have a baby one thing you hear almost as much as "you'll never sleep again" is "It' goes SO fast!" It's true too! When you're in the blur of the first hectic weeks at home with this new person who needs YOU for everything it's hard to imagine NOT remembering how it felt. But it is! You probably know that now. I got this great idea from my mom and sort of tweaked it a bit, and I'm sharing it with you so that you too can save the memories. I'm a journaler and love to write, so when mom suggested that I write down the things our baby does so I'll be able to remember them later I jumped at the idea. I got a new journal and started writing away. Not long entries, just something short and sweet to trigger my memory in the future. I then decided to add some pictures to some of the memories as well. I don't put a picture for each memory, just a few. I happened to snap a picture of our son toppling over backwards when he was just learning to sit up on his own. Kind of sad, but funny too, so that pic made it into the memory book. The point is to put down little things that they do, or accomplishments of theirs so that months or years later you can read about it. They'll love to see the pictures of themselves and "relive" it all through your book even if they don't "remember."

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The Carrs, said...

Sweet idea! We do that via our blog and save all of our entries on a file elsewhere. We also write letters to our little munchkin....our thoughts now and such, hopefully it will be something she will treasure as she grows up :)