Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chocolate for the Mommies

This tip is just a "bonus" for all of you who can use an excuse for having a bit of chocolate!
I worked for a lady who is a pediatrician and one day she came home and we were chatting and she told me about a new study that she read. Of course, I don't usually need an excuse for eating chocolate, BUT if there's a good reason for it, then I don't have to feel so guilty about the sugar/fat/excess calories and all that. Anyway apparently this new study said that statistically women who have eaten chocolate while pregnant have happier babies than those who don't eat chocolate. Wooo- hooooo!! That's a reason to break out the truffles let me tell ya! I mean, it makes perfect sense to me. I'm happy when I eat chocolate, so it should make my baby happy too! Honestly I wasn't the world's worst choco-hollic before I was pregnant, but I like the stuff a lot more now that I am preggy, so I should have a very happy baby, right? Here's hoping!

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