Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fun With Cabinets

There is a new and excited world to explore as soon as mobility is conquered! It's the world of closed drawers and cabinets! Oh the things there could be behind those doors to thrill and entertain. We've discovered that one of our 9 month old's favorite pastimes is to open as many closed things as possible and empty the contents all over the floor! It's actually great fun and gives him an opportunity to explore. What we've done is provide limited access to these exciting places. In his room the bottom couple of drawers on his dresser are exclusively for some toys and books. He can pull these out whenever he feels like it. Even more fun than that, judging by his delighted squeals, is the freedom we've given him in the kitchen. We secured all the cabinets with "baby proof" latches except for the one with the plastic storage items in it. He is allowed to get in there and make a mess to his little heart's content! And he does! Also on the kitchen drawers the bottom two are filled with safe things like pot holders, hand towels, slotted spoon, and bibs that he can toss around at will. Just this morning he sat in a pile of towels and place mats for close to an hour! He would take things out, put things back and repeat. He was chattering away to himself about how it all worked the whole time as well. Yes, it does require some clean up on your part, but the excitement and skill development that it gives your youngster is well worth it. When everything else is "baby proofed" it's nice for them to have someplace that is not off limits.

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