Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mommy Moments

We're reminded to enjoy the "every day" moments in our journey of Mommyhood by Jordan, mommy of 2 sweet boys!

Marc Anthony stood forever at the huge pit nearby throwing rocks and pinecones into it. He felt rather daring, I think, standing on the edge (things always seem bigger to a child, don't they) and enjoyed Mama's concern. "Don't fall in!" I'd caution and then notice the gleam in his eye as he edged a little closer. Boys!

There we stood, Marc Anthony throwing debris, Will happily looking on ('big brother is so cool!'), when the garbage truck arrived. The pit was forgotten and both boys watched in awe as the big truck noisily grasped the trash bin and lifted it high, pouring the stinky trash into the back of the truck. "Whoa, cool!" Marc Anthony breathed. I noticed the driver of the truck watching him in amusement. I'd bet a lot that driver doesn't often get looks of admiration from people watching him do his job! He waved cheerily at Marc Anthony who was so delighted at being noticed by such an amazingly cool guy that he jumped up and down and waved back. Then the driver backed his truck away from the trash bin (the shrill 'beep, beep' further impressed the boys and Marc Anthony was speechless) and then he stopped, looked deliberately at Marc, reached up, and honked his horn! Well, that was the icing on the cake and all Marc could do was look at Mama and sigh happily as the old truck bumped its way up the hill.

Perhaps this is one of my favorite things about being a mommy: The chance to occasionally see the world around me through the eyes of a child! It is an amazing privilege. I emerge every time happier, more refreshed and invigorated. Children are so spotless in their intentions and estimations of those around them. Marc Anthony was way more impressed with the garbage man than he would have been had the President of the United States walked up! I love that about kids. Completely unaffected. Unpretentious. I love that being around my kids has that effect on me!

What a joy---seeing the world through a two year old's eyes!

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stuart said...

Jordan is incredible with words. Thanks for sharing.