Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Take time to be HUMAN

"Breathing space" "Time out for Mommy" "Girl's night out" don't those just sound wonderful?! Busy mommies LOVE being mommies, but I know if you're anything like me, you sometimes just miss being... HUMAN. None of us would give up our cherished position as the mom to the little rug rats we find our selves changing, picking up after, dressing, feeding, burping, wiping all day long. However here's a few simple ways that CAN make you feel more human and less robot without having to plan a big to do over it. Besides most of us would rather sleep than have a "girl's night out" anyway! :-)
1. Get hubby to pitch in when he's home.
Chances are Daddy loves to play with his kiddos anyway. Take advantage of it! Recently I asked my hubby to give the baby a bath while I cleaned up the kitchen. Daddy and Bubba had a GREAT time, and mommy was feeling a load off even though I was still cleaning up the kitchen. It's not that you always need a break from life, just a break from being mommy.
2. Get some Josh Groban, Michael Bubble or Enya songs on your MP3 player and listen to them while you sweep/mop.
Listening to some soothing music, even while you work, is a way to let your mind escape and relax. The chaos of childhood may still be rolling around you, but you can ignore it in your own dreamy bubble for at least a few minutes. :-)
3. Hot bath, candle, Andrea Bocceli!
We all know the power of a hot bath! If it seems impossible to go to the bathroom let alone have a bath in peace, teach your kids a "signal" that means to leave mommy be. This could be as simple as tying a scarf to the door knob and letting the kids know that unless it's an emergency they may not disturb when the scarf is up. If they are too young for that, as mine is, discover a good distractor. My son gets a kick out of watching Baby Einstein. If I set him in the exersaucer and put it on, I know I have 20-30 minutes. :-) Ahhhhhhhh.... blis!
This is pretty basic, but I've found it works wonders! I like to take a solitary walk when I can. If my hubby gets home and there's time I'll go for a 2 mile walk, and it is amazing how it can clear the brain fog! A family walk is always a great option too!! If a walk isn't in the works I still try to take myself out of doors even if it's just to feed the birds. Breathe a few deep breaths, look around and enjoy what you see. It brings the human back!

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