Friday, October 3, 2008

Organize your life with baby

You can immediately tell if you are stepping into a house where there are “little people.” Seemingly gone are the days when peace and order reigned in any room in the house. Now there are toys to step over, half eaten crackers and Cheerios crunching under your shoes. Dishes are piled so high they rival the leaning tower of Pizza! You realize that this is just the beginning too! Don’t even think about what the laundry situation is, or what the bedrooms look like. We’re just thankful those rooms have doors, right? We all knew our lifestyle would change when that new wonderful person came to live with us, but you do NOT have to sacrifice ever having someone over to your house again. I've dedicated a series of post to helping you, and reminding me, how to get and stay organized when your life with baby seems to be in piles all around you. These are ways to prompt you to be able to have that clutter free house you’re longing for, without sacrificing precious play time.
First, remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, and once it was built, the houses were much smaller and easier to manage. Take the motto "Less is more" for your mantra. My hubby and I like to refer to it a "zen" thinking. :-) You want things around you to be as simple as possible. This does NOT mean you must sacrifice style or comfort, but you should make clutter extinct! It's amazing what a clutter free home can do for your mentality. It's like taking a big gulp of clean, crisp mountain air for your soul. Ahhhh...
So your project for this post is to get a BIG box, put it in the garage or some out of the way space. Begin to get rid of anything that is cluttering any space ONE ROOM AT A TIME by depositing things in the box. This box is your friend, and if after 2 months you've not used/needed anything that you put in the box, it needs to go on to find a new life with someone else. Goodwill and Salvation Army are great places to donate things that are no longer contributing to your life. Go ahead, get started, you CAN do it! Next time I'll have some very specific tips on how to organize the baby's stuff. It's pretty amazing how quickly all those "little things" can pile up!

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Stuart Noggle said...

We are getting rid of stuff in our box today! Yay!