Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wet Ones to the Rescue!

Since I've been a parent I've grown to love these handy dandy, easy sanitizers! I've never been a "germ freak" but once that little bundle came home, I started seeing germs and bacteria EVERYWHERE!! Once he became mobile it was even worse! I have become more balanced since my son has no immune issues and has been a very healthy baby. Still, I don't like to expose him to icky stuff if I can help it. I've seen moms with these great inventions that look like a heap of fabric piled on shopping carts and high chair seats to keep a cushy barrier between their munchkins and the germys. It's a great idea if you like toting around an extra piece of baby gear everywhere, AND doing more laundry because, as I'm sure you know, fabric picks up and holds germs more than hard surfaces. I am the type that wants as little "gear" as possible. Half the time I can hardly remember to bring my wallet let alone something else to tote. That's why I've opted to use these wonderful wipes. They are anti-bacterial, small, cheap, and they fit anywhere! I keep a package of them in the diaper bag, my son's insulated sippy cup carrier, in the dash of the car, etc. so that they are always available when I need one. I wipe down shopping cart handles, restaurant table tops and high chairs, sticky fingers and face, you just about name it. If it has to come into extended contact with the bubby then it gets wiped down with a wet wipe. This has worked so well for me, give it a try, the peace of mind is wonderful, and the ease of use is unbeatable!

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