Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baby Signs

I have several friends who have talked about wanting their baby to learn sign language. I too would like to teach our baby (9 months) some basic signs. For Christmas we got him a set of Baby Einstein DVD's and this one along with "Baby's First Moves" is our favorite! It is simple enough for babies to grasp, and their parents. The key to teaching babies signs is to do them consistently. This DVD is a great way for you to learn together and reinforce what you're teaching your baby every day. He will learn signs for every day stuff, from the people in his life (mommy, daddy) to eating, playing and sleeping related signs. You should certainly give this one a try! I know they sell the Baby Einstein stuff at Wal-Mart, but you could also order it HERE. Check it out! It might be the best $10 you spend to increase communication between you and your precious little one!


Jason and Kilika said...

Nice. thanks for this! we'll check it out

mblyman said...

Rachel, I think it's great that yo uare teaching sign to your baby. I have 4 daughters and we have taught them baby sign language using videos from a company called Signing Time. They have over 30 different DVDs plus board books and flash cards. Their website is My girls love them and can't get enough of them. Using ASL in our family has made all the difference and it is such a fun hands on language. Best of luck! - Mike