Saturday, January 12, 2008

Travel Tips

We put a lot of miles on our poor infant the first few months of his life. :-) However, he's now a very well traveled baby, and loves to go for adventures with mom and dad! There are challenges to traveling with baby though! One that we ran into was feeding time! If your baby is bottle fed or supplemented like ours was, an issue is getting warm water for the bottle. I'd seen bottle warmers that you can use in a vehicle. However they all seemed rather bulky and slow! But we used our creativity and came up with our own method. It involves sunshine and a Nalgene bottle! We would put the Nalgene of water on the dash in the sunlight and by the time the baby needed to be fed, the water was warm! In fact sometimes it was so warm that we'd have to dilute it with some cooler water. It's good to have some extra around just in case. It wasn't until nearly the end of our summer travels that we figured this out and we wished we had thought of it before! You can always stop at a gas station and use their microwave to heat water too, but where we were driving it wasn't guarantee that there would be one when we needed it. Hope this is helpful!

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