Friday, January 11, 2008

Shopping Bags to the rescue!

Since our son was born we have traveled thousands of miles with him. There are LOTS of trick to traveling with an infant, and I'll probably be sharing more in future posts. This time I just wanted to remind you that those zillions of shopping bags you get from
Albertsons or Wal-Mart are great for baby stuff! Okay common sense, no, you should NEVER let your baby play with plastic bags, but they have other uses that are handy. We always keep several bags rolled up tightly and stuffed into one of the pockets of our diaper bag. This way if we end up with a poopy diaper and no where to stash it or messy clothes, we can put them in a bag and keep them in the diaper bag without getting anything else messy, and containing the not so elegant smell. :-) This is a great idea too if you're a guest in someone's house. I never like to leave poopy diapers in someone else's trash. It's also nice to have them available when you're traveling in case you forgot a bag for all the trash that accumulates on a trip! It's just one way to reuse something that we all have way too much of before we end up throwing it away anyhow.

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