Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Public has spoken

In a recent poll on the blog I asked parents what their favorite brand of diaper was. Hands down it ended up being Huggies! The only other votes were for store brand diapers. Pampers did not get one vote! I have since talked to several moms and no one has been impressed with Pampers at all. This is good news for those of us who wince at the price of baby diapers! Huggies are certainly more affordable than the "premium priced" Pampers. However if you are really pinching pennies I'd suggest giving the store brands another try. We have found that the brands Sam's Club and Costco sell do a wonderful job for our little mess. I was given a package of Pampers that our buddy soaked right through during the night, but the off brands we use will last a 12 hour night no problem. Huggies are my first "brand name" pic, but the Kirkland brand and the Sams Club diapers will always be my preference to buy because they are cheaper and work great!

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